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Job Descriptions
– We will provide job descriptions developed by conducting job analyses.  A job analysis examines the tasks and sequences of tasks necessary to perform the given position.  The analysis looks at the knowledge and skill required and outlines the general tasks, functions, responsibilities, and salary range possible for each position.

Employee Handbooks and Policies and Procedures Handbooks are critical to clear communication with your employees.  We offer custom designed handbooks to meet your organization’s needs and encourage fair and consistent application of your organization’s policies and procedures. Handbooks also demonstrate your compliance with local, state and federal laws. 

Human Resources Systems Systems are vital to a smooth-running and efficient HR department.  We will assist in creating, instituting and maintaining forms, checklists, filing systems, evaluations, databases, and procedures to make your office run effortlessly.

Legal Compliance Keeping up with changing laws can be a challenge.  We can make sure your policies are up-to-date and that you are following local, state and federal laws, wage and overtime practices, and record keeping requirements. 

Recruitment We will assist with the process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified candidates for a position in your organization.  This includes writing job descriptions, posting job announcements, performing telephone screenings, scheduling and conducting interviews and checking references. 

Disciplinary Actions and Termination ALB resources can assist you with disciplinary actions and terminations performed in a professional and respectful way.  This includes documentation, evaluation and communication during the disciplinary and termination process.

Employee Benefits ALB resources will evaluate your benefit offerings based on employee feedback and market conditions and provide you with a comprehensive benefits report.  This will include information on controlling health care costs, using health benefits to help attract and retain the right employees, saving time and money, keeping employees healthy and productive, and securing the best solutions, pricing and service from health and benefit vendors.  Additionally, we help you deal with benefits administration and COBRA issues when employees leave your organization.

HR Audit – ALB resources can provide an HR audit to ensure effective utilization of your human resources and review your compliance with laws and regulations.  This can instill a sense of confidence that your human resource department is well-managed and prepared to meet potential challenges and opportunities, and maintain or enhance your organization's reputation in a community. We offer a process that includes pre-audit information gathering, pre-audit self-assessment forms, on-site review, records review, and a final audit report.

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